Forecast of production of 140 thousand tons of honey in 1402

Forecast of production of 140 thousand tons of honey in 1402

  • 1402/12/13
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The production of 140,000 tons of honey and 1,100 tons of other bee products is expected in 1402.

The leader of the country's beekeeping development project on the sidelines of the first national conference on honey bees and related industries and mines, in response to our reporter's question, said: According to the census of 1401, there were 94 thousand beekeepers who produced over 136 thousand tons of honey in the country.

Toraj Sarmi added: This amount of honey was produced in the capacity of 11.5 million colonies last year.

He stated: Other bee products such as royal jelly, propolis and venom have more added value than honey and their use in the pharmaceutical, health and cosmetic industries is widely on the agenda.

In response to another reporter's question about honey export, Sarmi noted: Last year, 1,600 tons of Iranian honey were exported.

He continued: One of the goals we are pursuing for the development of the export of this product is the formation of the value chain of honey products, while we are pursuing contract production to organize domestic production and export development.

Sarmi stated: In this regard, the country's beekeeping development support fund has concluded an export contract of 500 tons of honey with China.

He added: We are ready to export more than 5 to 10 tons of honey annually, which depends on the conditions of the applicant countries.

The executive of the country's beekeeping development plan expressed hope that the beekeepers' quota of 20,000 tons will be provided and distributed in the provinces soon.

He stated that the supply and distribution of sugar input among beekeepers last year was close to 40,000 tons.

Sarmi admitted: When the amount of pollen and nectar of plants decreases and the drought is continuous, we should be able to use sugar input for bees as auxiliary nutrition.

According to Kaj Press, citing the information base of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, he said about the loss of honey bees due to the use of poisons in gardens and farms: With the follow-ups, the instructions for the care of pollinators, one of which is honey bees, by the Plant Protection Organization The country is compiled and will be notified to the provinces soon

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