What is honey and what are some of its benefits?

What is honey and what are some of its benefits?

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Natural honey is a thick and sweet substance produced by bees.

The bee sucks the nectar of the flowers and stores it in the beehive (not to be confused with the stomach) and adds some of its body's enzymes to it and stores it in cells made of wax in the hive.

Honey bees concentrate the nectar of flowers and, in other words, turn the flower nectar into natural honey.
This thick substance has countless benefits and is used by humans as a healthy and rich food.

The properties of natural honey for women and men,

this substance has countless properties, some of which have been proven, and some of the properties of natural honey have not yet been confirmed or proven.
In this article, we discuss the properties of natural honey for women and men.
Natural honey has been used since ancient times as a sweetener and for therapeutic purposes.
Its history and collection goes back to 7000 BC, since honey has been the only sweetener, it has been an important food for humans since the beginning.
Many materials have been published on the internet and virtual space about the properties of natural honey for men and women, many of which have no scientific basis.
Our attempt to compile this article is to introduce you to the properties of natural honey for women and men that have been confirmed by scientific authorities.

Properties of natural honey for men in increasing sperm count

Studies have shown that honey may have a positive effect on male fertility. It is rich in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals that can damage sperm cells.
It also contains vitamins and minerals, including zinc, which are essential for sperm production. Studies have shown that zinc can increase sperm count and improve sperm motility.
In addition to antioxidant content and minerals, this substance contains natural sugars that can provide energy to sperm cells. This can help improve their ability to swim and fertilize eggs. Additionally, honey has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the reproductive system and improve overall sperm health.

The properties of natural honey for men in raising testosterone

have been found to increase testosterone naturally, which increases libido as well as sperm production, number and motility. This natural substance has also been shown to fight oxidative stress, which, if left untreated, can cause reproductive problems as well as general health problems.

The properties of natural honey for women in hormonal balance.

Women often suffer from hormonal imbalance, which is the result of an imbalance in the level of testosterone, which affects reproductive health in the long run. Studies have shown that daily consumption of honey helps balance testosterone levels in women's bodies, which improves reproductive health, reduces mood swings, and improves hormonal balance.

Properties of natural honey for women in urinary infection

With its antibacterial properties, this substance can lower the risk of urinary infection in women.
Research has shown that its daily consumption in women can potentially help prevent urinary tract infections.
Of course, in acute cases, it is necessary to see a doctor.
It can also treat fungal infections in women, the treatment of fungal infections in women is due to the presence of flavonoids in it. Properties of natural honey Natural honey for the stomach and digestive system Honey is rich in probiotics. Probiotics promote the health of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Consuming foods like honey increases the population of these bacteria and thus maintains the health of the stomach and intestines. Honey has created an effect similar to "prostaglandin", which has a significant effect on the nerves of the stomach, this effect works exactly like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and reduces stomach pain. It also reduces the conversion of nitrate to nitrite in saliva and the extragastric formation of nitric oxide, which protects the vessels of the stomach and increases the production of gastric mucus. This mucus protects the stomach and this mucus itself has antiseptic properties. Research has shown that honey can significantly reduce the activity of harmful bacteria in the stomach, such as Helicobacter, which is the main cause of stomach ulcers. Natural honey as a great source of energy, the enzymes in honey increase the digestion and absorption of nutrients such as carbohydrates. It also contains simple sugars that have already been digested. Unlike refined sugar, it can go directly into the bloodstream without needing to be digested. This makes honey a faster and more efficient energy source. It also has nitric oxide, which can increase blood pumping to the muscles and be useful for athletes. Its daily consumption is recommended for people who have low energy. Properties of natural honey to prevent cancer. Honey has vitamins, minerals and most importantly, antioxidants. Antioxidants play an essential role in preventing all types of cancer in the body. In fact, there is an antioxidant in honey called Pinocmbrin. This antioxidant is found only in natural honey and is known to prevent cancer. The properties of natural honey for men and women smokers. Long-term smoking and use of tobacco causes erectile dysfunction in men and reduced sexual power. Honey can reduce the bad effects of smoking on the body and significantly reduce the harmful effects of smoking with its antioxidant properties. During the research conducted by Mohammad Al-Dohail and his colleagues, it was proved that honey can reduce the effects of cigarette smoke.

Mohammad et al. (2012) treated rats exposed to cigarette smoke with a daily oral supplement of honey at a dose of 1.2 g/kg.
Unlike rats that were only exposed to cigarette smoke, rats that were fed honey showed positive results in erectile function.
The mice's ability to achieve and maintain penile erections also increased, resulting in improved sexual behaviors.
These findings show that honey can be used against the adverse effects of cigarette smoke in male rats and help in treatment.
The same applies to humans. The properties of natural honey for people with diabetes. Natural honey can be used as a suitable substitute for sugar in people with diabetes. Because there is excess glucose in the blood of people with diabetes, it is better for diabetics to use fructose-containing foods instead of glucose-containing foods. The fructose in it does not need insulin to be broken down and is broken down by itself. But the glucose in the blood of diabetics needs insulin to be broken down. Of course, you should note that if you have diabetes, consume it in moderation and prepare honeys that have low sucrose.


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